WANTED: Davidson plums- Native Australian plums

Free Eggs

Duck Eggs

Birds eye chillies

Spare Giant bamboo for projects

bunya bunya pine nuts also plants

Selection of Greens

Lemons for Days

Hay mulch

Strawberry Runners

Raw local honey

Old Toolboxes

Garden beds leasing now at Buddina Community Garden.

Cabbage and broccoli


Glass Jars

White Leghorn Hen

Sourdough Starter

Kombucha Scobies

Chilli plants

Pink Iona grapes

Free Range Eggs $7

Cheap large vege seedlings


Food Scraps

Pontiac Potato Seed 500kg

Red skin, White flesh. Varieties: Northern Star. I think. lol


Frozen Rasberries

Coffee Grounds

Eggs everywhere

Rosemary in coburg

Food waste for composting

Kombucha Scoby

Mushroom (mycelium or spores).

Water Kefir Grains


Vegemite jars wanted

Bromeliads to give away

Medicinal herbs

Flat Parsley and Bergamot

Plants in TERRACOTTA Pots


Star Jasmine

Apple Mint

Large Moccona 400g jars

Oregano, Sage & Thyme

Fresh Curry Leaves

Water Kefir Grains

Grafting Plants

Super hot chilli

Ghost Chilli and Mulberry Seedlings

Glass candle jars

Soil Mineral Analysis and Balancing

Organic veggie scraps

Ag/Chook feed bags

Preserves & Jams


Kefir starter

Worm Juice

Fencing material


Organic Fertiliser

Cuttings and seedlings

NEW Volunteers for Community Farm

Various Fruit & Veg

Kombucha and Jun Scoobies

Dianne’s Living Probiotic Produce Plus

New People Welcome

Fresh Mint

Free Range Eggs – $3 per 1/2 dozen


Kombucha, and milk kefir SCOBYS

Yukka and Succulent Plants

Make your own coffee berry jam

Spent grains (Barley/wheat)

Green stringy mangoes wanted

Spare jars

Dioscorea japonica (yamaimo – Japanese mountain yam 大和芋)

Dragon Fruit Cuttings

Sugar Cane


QCamel Camel Manure

Cow and Horse Manure

curry leaves, chillies, rosemary

Russian garlic and garlic scapes

Hot Chillies

Green Pigeon Peas

Toyota Landcruiser PRADO GXL 4 x 4 … Perfect as a Paddock Basher

Free Range Eggs

Strawberry runners

Juicy Lemons

Eggs free range

Dragon Fruit and Cassava Cuttings

Milk kefir grains

Olives for harvest

Cumquat Marmalade and Spiced Cumquats

Bantam chicks

Cos Lettuce 50cents

Potted Aloe Vera

Spare Harvest

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