Perennial salad plants

Passionfruit Plants

Strawberry Runners

White Leghorn Hen

Garlic chives

New People Welcome

Plastics tubs

Hive Haven Bee Box

Used Coffee Grounds

Cheap large vege seedlings

Flower press

Seeds & Seedlings

Spare Giant bamboo for projects

Strawberry Runners

Succulent Plants

Wanted compost worms

Pots of various size

Compostable materials – cardboard, food waste, grass clippings

Food Scraps

Looking for Work

Glass jars with lids

Sugar Cane

Chilli plants

Dragon Fruit and Cassava Cuttings

Moringa trees or seeds

City Farm Nursery

Agave suckers

Crushed eggshells

Star Jasmine

Poly drip line

Fruit Tree Cuttings/Seedlings

Mulch or Manure

Perennial Coriander Seedlings

Poinsettia Tree

Tomato Plants

blueberry plants

Cow and Horse Manure

Straight slim branches

Herbs & Succulent

20L fuel tank

Spring onions


flow hive flowhive


Wool packaging material

Empty Grain/Feed Sacks Wanted.

Fresh compost

Plants and Seedlings


Heartsease/Johnny Jump-up (violas) seedlings

Apple Mint


Potted Plants

Strawberry Plants

Small HOT chillies.

Strawberry Plants

Composting worms

Bantam chicks

Vegetable Leaf Amaranth Seeds

Dioscorea japonica (yamaimo – Japanese mountain yam 大和芋)

Worm tea

Lemon Grass

Rosellas for jam

Harvest Swap – Sunshine Coast

Seedlings and Seeds

Crowd Harvest: Seeds for Christmas

Pond / Water Plants

Coffee Grounds

Worm castings

Yukka and Succulent Plants

Coffee harvesting equipment

Seed Bombs Flowers and Vegetables

Micro green hydro tray *new*

Micogreens tray


Greek Basil to share with Kyogle

Fencing material

I will buy Hoyas!


Plants to swap

Coffee Grounds

Egyptian Spinach Seeds

Grafting Plants

Worm Farm

Super hot chilli



WANTED – Thai Red Lady Papaya Seeds or Plant

Raspberry plant heritage variety

3 Very Large AGAVES

Strawberry Runners

Shredded paper

Looking for Garden Lovers

Chilli plant seedlings

Hay mulch

Strawberry runners

Medicinal herbs

Tomato Seedlings

Variegated and Rare Plants & Aroids

Seedlings to swap

Spare Harvest

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