Organically Grown Limes

Rosemary Herb

NEW Volunteers for Community Farm

Medicinal herbs

Beeswax Wrap DIY kits

Harvest Swap – Sunshine Coast

Spare jars


1kg Honey

Fresh compost

Milk kefir grains

North Arm State School Kitchen Garden

Ghost Chilli and Mulberry Seedlings

Coffee Grounds

Agave plants

Home Grown Produce

Swap or Sell various herbs and fruits.


I will buy Hoyas!

Micogreens tray

Flower press

Bunches of Chives

Flat Parsley and Bergamot

Boxes of Bananas


Looking for Verge Gardeners across Australia & NZ

Wine bottles free


Food Scraps

Food waste for composting

Kefir starter

Green stringy mangoes wanted

Raised timber garden bed materials

Coffee harvesting equipment

Fresh limes – swap or sell

Free range eggs

Mixed Herbs

Hot Chillies

Strawberry Runners

Tumeric – Orange – Organically Grown

Strawberry Runners

Birds eye chillies

Water keffir grains -swap for aromarics?


Seville Oranges & Ruby Grapefruit

Environmental weeds of the Gold coast

Tomato Seedlings

Herbs & Succulent

Coffee Berry Jelly Jam sunnycoast

Glass jar recycling Melbourne

Plum Jam


Backyard Eggs

Fresh free range eggs

Candied Pansies

Worm Juice

Creamed Honey

Looking for more garden space

Homemade jams and marmalades for sale

Kombucha scoby

Chilli Jam

Soil Mineral Analysis and Balancing

Large Pots wanted

Food Storage Containers

Lettuce, tomato seedlings, pumpkin seedlings and parsley

Seeds & Seedlings

Strawberry Plants

Kombucha SCOBY – living probiotics.

Lemon Grass

Shredded paper

Empty Jars

Plant Id

flow hive flowhive

Ballarat Local Produce Swap

Sourdough Starter



The Swag – hanging worm farm $30 (RRP $99.95)

Plants and Seedlings


Homemade Fermented Sauerkraut

Jarrahdale Pumpkins

Hot Chilli

Excess coffee grounds and fruit/veg waste for pick up

Ag/Chook feed bags

heliconia plants & arrowroot tubers

Raw Local Honey

Kombucha and Jun Scoobies

Food Donations

Hydrated lime for cold pasturization of mushroom substrate

Frozen Rasberries


Worm Juice

Habanero HOT and aloe

Cos Lettuce 50cents

Sell and/ or swap your harvest

Super hot chilli

Worm castings


Chilli plant seedlings

Spare Harvest

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