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  • Companion Plants

    Companion Plants

    Companion plants are an important part of every garden.  If you’re struggling with pest problems, plants aren’t growing as you’d like, or your garden just isn’t flourishing, then maybe it’s time to consider growing companion plants in your garden! ‘Companion plants assist in the growth of others by attracting beneficial insects, repelling pests, or providing […]

  • 5 Herbs for Sharing

    5 Herbs for Sharing

    There are many herbs for sharing.  Today we will focus on the top five. Herbs are one of the easiest plants to grow and the most used plant in the kitchen.  But they are also the best plant to share.  Why, because they produce an abundance and when they are regularly harvested, they give more. […]

  • How to Grow and Enjoy Healthy Herbs

    How to Grow and Enjoy Healthy Herbs

    Growing a variety of herbs is a delightful way to enjoy gardening, with the added bonus of many health benefits and uses. Herbs have been used and written about throughout history for culinary, healing, spiritual and decorative purposes. They were originally defined as a herbaceous range of plants, meaning with soft fleshy stems and foliage, […]

  • Top Ten Gardening Tools to Get Jobs Done

    Top Ten Gardening Tools to Get Jobs Done

    It’s easier to get gardening jobs done when you’ve got the right gardening tools. They help to save time and money! When starting on a garden project it’s good to know which tools will help to make the job easier and complete it successfully. It is also handy to know which tools you’ll need for […]