Top Ten Gardening Tools to Get Jobs Done

It’s easier to get gardening jobs done when you’ve got the right gardening tools. They help to save time and money!

When starting on a garden project it’s good to know which tools will help to make the job easier and complete it successfully.

It is also handy to know which tools you’ll need for the job before you go out and buy new equipment, as having so many options available in the store can lead to confusion and possible excess spending.

TIP Choose tools that are easy to hold and use, especially when gardening with kids!

Here’s a list of top ten tools for the trade…

  • Gloves– used to protect your hands when using tools and also in the soil. Some plants and gardening products can irritate the skin so it’s best to use gloves when using products and sharp tools.
  • Hand Trowel and Hand Forkboth are small tools hand tools on spare harvestused to dig into soil and potting mixtures. These tools are used extensively when gardening.
  • Secateurssmall hand-held sharp cutting tool used for pruning and harvesting a range of plants. Keep the blades sharp to ensure a clean cut of plant stems.
  • Long handle pruner – also known as loppers, have shorter blades and are used to cut thick plant stems. These would be used if stems and branches are too thick for secateurs to cut. Keep blades sharp for ease of use. These pruners are available with extendable handles for harder to reach branches.
  • Watering Can– holds a small amount of water for applying to plants. Watering cans vary in size and are made of plastic or tin.
  • Forkavailable as short or long handled. Used to loosen the soil in gardens and lawns. Also useful for moving mulch, compost or manures.
  • Shovelthe long-handled shovel is used for digging holes and shovelling (or moving) materials, same as a garden fork. A short handle shovel can also be known as ‘Square mouth shovel’ which is used for moving materials, not for digging holes.
  • Rake– for gathering up leaves, grass clippings and mulch from around gardens and lawns. Usually made of plastic with a wooden handle.
  • Hand saw– used for cutting through thicker branches and trunks of trees. Allows the gardener to cut through thick branches without damaging the tree or shrub.
  • Wheelbarrow – handy for transporting garden tools and gathering materials. Smaller 4 wheel carts are also handy to move items around the garden.

TIPwhen possible, purchase top quality tools as they’ll last longer and in most cases do a better job than cheap tools, especially with cutting tools.

A few extras include kneeling mat/pad, boots, short-handled spade, fondue skewer or screwdriver to remove weeds, pots, punnets, bucket, a hat and long sleeved shirt.

These are just a few of the tools used to complete most gardening activities. Remember that your hands are also super useful tools and can get most jobs done!