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  • Marketplace Categories

    We currently have four marketplace listings categories – Food, Kitchen, Garden and Other.  Here are some of the items that can be included in each category.   Food Fresh Food Eggs Fruit Herbs Honey Nuts Vegetables Other Fresh Food Homemade Food Dried Food Fermented Food Jam Pickles Preserves Other Homemade Food Food Services Food Carts/Stalls […]

  • Making an Enquiry

    Every member of the Spare Harvest community can view, create and make an enquiry of any of the listings on Spare Harvest. You can search the listings via the location search or via the categories.  Once you have found a listing you would like to know more about, simply select it and you will have […]

  • Creating/Closing a Listing

    The marketplace is where we do all the connecting and exchanging.  If you have something spare in your kitchen and/or garden you can create a listing to let the community know what you have available.  You can also create a ‘wanted’ listing to see if the community has what you are looking for. Creating a […]

  • Searching Listings

    You can search using the search bar or the listing categories. Search Bar When you first the marketplace you will see search bar above the map.  You can choose the listing type (share/swap/sell/wanted) then enter keywords. Map On the map you can zoom in and out using the – and + buttons to narrow down […]