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  • How Do I Change My Pictures?

    Profile Image If you have a Gravatar associated with the email you signed up with, it will automatically be used as your profile photo.  You can add and update your profile picture at anytime.  Simple go to Home/My Profile/Change Profile Picture.  Simply take a photo or upload a photo and save it.  You can then […]

  • Who Can See My Information?

    You have the ability to decide who sees the following personal information if you have supplied it: Location Phone number Facebook Instagram Twitter Google Linkedin About Me My Interests The default is that all members will be able to see all the information that you supplied until you change your profile visability settings.  To do […]

  • What’s In My Profile

    You can access your personal profile information via the profile tab either: By clicking your profile image in the top right corner, or By clicking the Home tab in the top left corner In your profile tab you can View your personal information Edit your personal information Change your profile picture Add your social accounts […]