Creating/Closing a Listing

The marketplace is where we do all the connecting and exchanging.  If you have something spare in your kitchen and/or garden you can create a listing to let the community know what you have available.  You can also create a ‘wanted’ listing to see if the community has what you are looking for.

Creating a Marketplace Listing

Here are the steps:

  • Marketplace Icon choose create a listing.
  • Give your listing a title
  • Give your listing a description.  The more detail the better as this will assist other members with their searches.  The search tool will look for the words in your listing title and description to better return the search results.
  • Choose the listing categories.  There is a dropdown box for you to select from.  The categories are:
    • Fresh Food – Eggs/Fruit/Herbs/Honey/Nuts/Vegetable/Other Fresh Food
    • Homemade Food – Dried Food/Fermented Food/Jam/Pickles/Preserves/Other Homemade Food
    • Food Groups – Food Carts & Stalls/Food Swaps
    • Food Leftovers – Fridge Leftovers/Pantry Leftovers/Other Food Leftovers
    • Waste – Coffee Grounds/Egg Shells/Egg Cartons/Food Scraps/Newspapers/Other Waste
    • Kitchen Equipment – Books & Magazines/Glass Jars/Machines/Other Kitchen Equipment
    • Plants – Edible Producing/Non-Edible/Cuttings/Seedlings/seeds/SucculentsOther Plants
    • Garden Animals – Bees/Chickens/Ducks/Worms/Other Garden Animals
    • Garden Equipment – Landscaping Materials/Machines/Tools/Pots/ Other Garden Equipment
    • Soil Improvers – Compost/Manure/Mulch/Worm Juice & Castings/Other Soil Improvers
    • Garden Help – Spare Land/Spare Time/Garden Services
  • Choose your listing type – Share (Give away)/Swap/Sell/Wanted
  • Add your address without your street or unit number.  This will ensure your privacy and you can choose when to provide this detail after a member has made an enquiry.  Google will pre-populate the map.  Check it is correct before you move forward.
  • Upload image of what you have spare or what you are looking for.
  • Then select the review listing.  This will take you to a page that will let you review your listing.  Check all the details are correct.  If you wish to make a change, go back and edit.  If all the details are correct choose ‘Update Now’
  • Your listing is live in the marketplace for all visitors and members to see.  The only people able to make an enquiry are members.

Editing/Closing Your Listing

You can edit your listing at anytime.  When you no longer have anything to offer or need anything, you can close your listing.

Here are the steps:

  • Marketplace Icon
  • Choose My Listings
  • Each listing will have a edit or delete option.  Choose which option depending on your needs.

When you choose edit, you will be taken to the same page as when you set up your listing.  Make the changes and move through the process as if you have created a new listing.